Owner Bio

Three Fathom Fibre Arts retail store is located in my home. I find nothing more pleasing than walking through the space, absorbing the bright colors, and touching the many different textures. On warm days, the sun fills my home with the pleasing smell of wool. This is my happy place.
Born in Dubuque, Iowa, USA, I grew up influenced by the art, artists, and poets surrounding me. Fortunately, I was also able to travel the world, experiencing many cultures, their art and architecture. Even as a child, involved in art classes, I was constantly working on a creative project. My college education began with the study of Fine Arts at Clarke University, eventually transitioning to the completion of degrees in Architecture (University of Colorado and University of Virginia). Moving to Canada in 2004, I continue to be inspired by the natural beauty of the Maritimes. I am now practicing architecture in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada full time.
As an additional creative outlet, I started Three Fathom Fibre Arts in 2012. Fibre arts have a very architectural feel to me. I see most of my work through an architectural lens, observing texture, pattern, form, rhythm, scale and structure. My personal practice is focused on weaving, knitting, spinning and felting. Finished pieces are available in my shop, often designed for special orders.
I believe in supporting others in their fibre work through retail and project advice. My home based shop is centred around Nova Scotia hand dyed yarn by Mineville Wool Project as well as yarn by Fleece Artist, Hand Maiden, Knitca and Ashford. I work closely with Mineville Wool Project to fill custom orders, so be sure to contact me with your special orders!
I also carry products by Ashford including supplies for felting, spinning, weaving, and other fibre arts. If you don’t see it on my site, send me a message and I will load it on for you.

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